Shannon Black

Designer, builder, founder


It was in Taos, New Mexico that my love for design and building got the best of me. After several smaller building projects, I decided to design and build my own 3bd/2ba 1800 square foot home. I knew that I had found my happy place in building. Next up for me was the design and build of my own restaurant/bar in Taos - another successful project that reinforced my true love for creative building.

After selling my businesses, I was looking for greener pastures and found it in the PNW. Through the move I ended up downsizing my possessions a great deal. I soon began to relish in getting rid of my excess "stuff." I became fascinated with minimalism and the freedom that comes with it. I discovered Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWS) and was hooked right away.

I knew that I wanted to build a tiny house but not just any tiny house: the most livable tiny house possible.

After studying 100's of designs and layouts online and in books, I began to draft my own design incorporating the best of the best elements. I researched everything tirelessly from the perfect trailer for the foundation to the thoughtful placement of  every electric outlet.

Building tiny homes has become my passion. It's through this passion Big Freedom Tiny Homes was born.

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