Frequently Asked Questions

What is the build time for a tiny home? 

Build time averages 3 months. 


Are Big Freedom Tiny Homes road legal?

Yes, all of our tiny homes are built within the legal road size restrictions of 8’6” wide x 13’6” high. Your length of tiny home can vary.


Where can I see a Big Freedom Tiny home?

Big Freedom Tiny Homes is located in Bellingham WA. Tours can be scheduled with an appointment.


What do I need to tow my tiny home?

I recommend a one-ton truck (Ford/Chevy/Dodge 3500 diesel pickup truck). The more heavy-duty the better. Transport companies can be hired to move your tiny house if you are not comfortable towing a large trailer.


Can I get insurance on my tiny house?

Yes, I can recommend several companies that insure tiny houses.


How does the tiny house hook up to utilities? 

Big Freedom Tiny Homes are designed to hook up just like an RV would. Electric, water and sewer are all user friendly RV style fittings.


Do you build custom floor plan tiny homes?

The short answer is yes. At this point Big Freedom Tiny Homes is focused on our own well thought out plan but would be open to discussing something more custom. 


If I purchase one, can I customize colors and finishes?

Yes, as long as the home you’ve purchased has not reached those phases of construction.


Do you offer financing?

We do not offer our own financing.


What is the purchase process for a Big Freedom Tiny Home?

$10,000 deposit upfront to reserve your house ($10k goes towards purchase price) . $5,000 of the deposit is nonrefundable should you back out of purchase. Balance due upon completion of your tiny home.